Tobi Lou My Party Feat Tony Bigz MP3 + LYRICS

Tobi Lou is blessing past due summer playlists along with his modern-day Tony Bigz-assisted “My celebration” single, main into his upcoming stay On Ice mission, set to reach on August second with the aid of way of his ArtClub/EMPIRE partnership.

“I felt like my entire existence I’ve been expecting whatever second that is,” Lou exhibits in a press launch, talking on the upcoming complete-period launch. “I’m in the end having an awakening and seizing my second by using putting out my first actual supplying and announcing, ‘adequate, I’m equipped – decide me […] humans move loopy for Lion King, but go even crazier for Lion King On Ice, and that i experience like that with this undertaking. I launched quite a few tune ultimate yr however nothing like this – this is by a ways the craziest component I’ve done, so it needed to be stay on Ice.”

even with the sonic changes, Tobi Lou can do no incorrect and “My birthday celebration” in conjunction with the previously-launched singles of “Waterboy” and “Like My mother” are a true testomony to the fact. Get into the new song beneath.

Quotable Lyrics

I be waitin’ for you like all week
I’ll be right here if you want me
This ain’t even my party
But I’ma cry if I wanna
Smokin’ that marijuana-ah
Shop in my pyjama-as


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