LYRICS: Slide Around Chance The Rapper Feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Durk

while the clock struck midnight, absolutely everyone become fresh their favourite streaming provider to see if risk the rapper in reality dropped his new album. the big day became anticipated to arrive on july 26 and despite the fact that we did not get it this morning, it dropped some moments in the past. finally, we get to pay attention chano’s debut album and as we digest the first few songs, one is already status out. nicki minaj makes several appearances at the album, reviving her roman zolanski modify-ego and spitting some difficult bars while she is going for a smoother technique on “slide round.” the tune additionally capabilities lil durk.

one of the grooviest jams at the big day is this reduce concerning hazard, nicki and durkio. this marks the first collaboration between all 3 rappers. nicki and chano have worked collectively within the past however durk simply kills his portion of the music too. “slide round” is more of a melodic song, offering the rappers the use of their singing voices and setting a few light automobile-track on top to spice things up.

what do you believe you studied of “slide round?” listen to the overall album here and keep in mind to go away a rating above.

Quotable Lyrics:

I still got hoop dreams
I got mood swings
I could do things in a plain white tee and some blue jeans


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