Hopsin I Don’t Want It Musicpleer + MP3 LYRICS

“this may probably be the remaining song I placed out in some time,” starts offevolved Hopsin, on the somber beginning notes of “I do not need It.” “i am sorry to all my fanatics.” In that sense, Hopin’s modern begins on a traumatic be aware, with the lingering threat of self-damage soaring overhead. As he starts rapping, his mind right now journey to Robin Williams, as Hopsin struggles to assume what the liked actor could have been taking into consideration prior to taking his very own existence. “My entire life they become calling me corny, stupid,” he raps, his emotion strolling excessive. “I by no means had a dad that turned into there to mentor me thru it, skateboarding changed into my escape, it wasn’t only for leisure.”

even as his lot in lifestyles improves, with cames come a extraordinary sort of duty. “i’m simply lending cheese,” he raps, “now i’m simply checked out as an ATM device / if I do not provide my friends my money, shit, i am the enemy.” because the tune progresses to its climax, Hop turns into vocally greater distraught, all-however begging for a way to live the path. it’s a effective selection from the rapper, and we can handiest wish that Hopsin is feeling okay, as the phrases he is speaking are harking back to those in Eminem’s “Rock bottom.” preserve your head up, Hop.

Quotable Lyrics

Months later, my girl told me she’s pregnant
This was something I never expected
Her and I weren’t on good terms at the time, man, it was hectic
And I was scared if she kept this baby I might regret it
Made me be concerned I had a fucking toxic relationship
Last thing we need is a fucking toddler to raise in it
Having a baby is great, but not as amazing
When you got two parents who always fighting, hollering, breaking shit


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