Ed Sheeran I Don’t Want Your Money Feat. H.E.R. Musicpleer + MP3 Lyrics

Ed Sheeran collaborates with fellow songbird H.E.R for the track “I do not need Your money.” the two talk the importance of time over money on the subject of romantic relationships and of route, they do not fail to affect us with their vocal prowess. The mixture in their voices is a healthy made in heaven which handiest gets better with the uptempo instrumental underlying all of it.

The track stems from Ed Sheeran’s most latest body of labor, No. 6 Collaboration Projectwhich calls at the assist of numerous big names. ordinary, Ed Sheeran’s rollout for this project has been overwhelmingly correct, unleashing a series of singles inclusive of “go Me,” “I do not Care” and “don’t forget The name” with Eminem and 50 Cent. jogging through this body of work is insanely enjoyable, bringing forth special vibes at some point of the duration of the album. Songs like “Take Me back To London” are sudden hits and the ones we expected to like, like “delinquent” with Travis Scott, do no longer disappoint.

Quotable Lyrics

I thought it would have made me better in your dad’s eyes
I’m busy stackin’ up the paper for the bad times
‘Cause, baby, you never know
I’m poppin right now, but there will come a day when I won’t


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