Dreamville Rembrandt…Run It Back Feat. J. Cole, J.I.D & Vince Staples MP3 + LYRICS

For the last few hours, enthusiasts have been soaking up all things Revenge of The Dreamers III. The Dreamville compilation is being heavily streamed again and again as we talk as listeners dissect the album in each manner possible.

A standout document will, of course, deliver multiple standout tracks, however we’re going to kick things off by highlighting “Rembrandt…Run It again” featuring J.Cole, J.I.D, and Vince Staples. The production in this tune moves in so many special directions that it may be off-putting to some. however, it is dazzling that by some means these three artists are able to resultseasily weave in every of their personal inventive values at the same time as shifting at some point of the song…and lyrically, nicely, they may be all simply beasts. check it out and let us realize your preferred lyrics from “Rembrandt…Run It back.”

Quotable Lyrics

Nggas swear they bangin’, feds got ’em singin on the squad Crack rock slangin’ on blacktop pavement, tryna ball Line ’em up on the wall, three deep, final call Knee-deep, squeeze three, beep beep, Tylenol Pulled up, one deep, no squad, just me Just God, no prob’, real nggas tend to f*ck wit’ me
No jewelry, no stunt for me


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