This Friday, Dreamville introduced their enormously expected Revenge of The Dreamers III. Showcasing natural bangers from begin to complete, Dreamville succeeded in rallying collectively an splendid roster of artists to supply a surefire “Album of the yr” contender.

“Oh Wow…Swerve” comes in because the fifth track from the album, and is sectioned into two parts: “Oh Wow” and “Swerve.” the first element functions Zoink Gang and J. Cole even as part 2 capabilities KEY! and Maxo Kream.

Quotable Lyrics:

The way I’m robbin’, niggas say I’m gonna die
I bought a baby Draco carbon, that’s a motherfuckin’ lie
Stephen Curry on my hip, Klay Thompson, let it fly
Southwest Murder Block Crips, we don’t die, we multiply (Crip)
Maxo talk a lot of shit but is he really ’bout that life? (Say what?)
Is a pig’s pussy pork and can a caterpillar fly? (That’s right)
Go Go Gadget, toting ratchets, beam attachment on the side
I keep a savage that’ll blast it, my crash dummies down to ride


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