AUDIO: The Alchemist – W.Y.G.D.T.N.S Feat ScHoolboy Q MP3 LYRICS

By all accounts, ScHoolboy Q has lately dropped some “fresh crap.” We’re referring, of course, to his fifth studio album CrasH Talk, which came to comparatively strong acclaim at the tail end of April. Yet, as Russell Crowe once questioned Gladiator’s salivating masses, “are you not entertained?” Q took a slick, lo-fi Alchemist beat to clear the air in reaction. The issue “when you’re going to drop that new crap?” revealed the long acronym of the title for the centerpiece of this recent loosie.

The track is content to wander unplanned for the most part, although this is not to say that the travel lacks focus. Q’s bars stay as sharp as ever, even if supplied at the speed of a golfer. “Between my life, my fame, my body, my daughter, be pleased that, like visitors, I’m focused on that flight,” he spits, on a jazzy guitar scale. Unfortunately, the real rapping of ScHoolboy constitutes a tiny portion of the track, although the atmosphere should be sufficient to maintain continuous interest.

Quotable Lyrics

Between my life, my fame, my body, my daughter
Be happy I’m focused
Stay on that flight like tourists


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