AUDIO: Snoop Dogg – Countdown + MP3 LYRICS

It’s been a long time since Snoop Dogg uttered the infamous phrase during the 1995 Source Awards: “Doesn’t the East Coast love Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg?” Looking back, it’s difficult to imagine a time when The Doggfather still had to incorporate into the Eastern scene during an age of brutal rivalries. Snoop has since collaborated with a multitude of East Coast icons, including Jay-Z, DJ Premier, Nas, and many more. Uncle Snoop today connected up with a New York icon, the one and only Swizz Beatz, for his upcoming I Wanna Thank Me for a new single.

Although not precisely his modus operandi, Swizzy is doing his greatest G-Funk impression (full with Eazy-E sample), giving Snoop a familiar background to wreak havoc on. Naturally, the havoc brand of Snoop is comparatively laid back, driven not by overt aggression, but by the strength of personality. His razor-focused flow stays in good shape, as Snoop drops some of the timeless G-Shit.

Quotable Lyrics

Understand, West Coast son of Sam
Drumming wit’ a hunned bands
Cause that ain’t shit to a real crip, cuz
You swallow every clip before a n*** slip, cuz
LBC, yeah, we gets love
213, rest in peace Nate
It’s real in the field, keep your cleats laced


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