AUDIO: Rico Nasty – Welcome To The Party Remix MP3 + LYRICS

Rico Nasty’s got something out of her chest. The XXL Freshman went through today with an alternative take on the huge “Welcome To The Party” from Pop Smoke, a song that slipped up silently like a silent assassin. Rico Nasty chose to create lemonade as Pop Smoke’s Meet The Woo spreads throughout New York with the efficacy of a super-virus. As such, with a remixed version, she kept it down, spazzling as she can only. In other words, mixing brash screams with more restrained bars. Pure chaos, in other words, the Rico way.

“Welcome To The Party” is no different, and Rico Nasty fans are probably going to discover a lot to appreciate here. The vibrant instrumental promotes her to go wild, pushing her throat to its peak, so much so that you can almost hear the tissue ripping. “She’s acting like a thot, she’s hitting EW,” warns Rico, “new color whip, she wants to get in, but she’s not going to fit.” She gained it.

Quotable Lyrics

Riding in a coupe blacker than Obama
I just signed a new deal and it got three commas
Please be silent, my bitches be wildin’


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