AUDIO: Pop Smoke Welcome To The Party Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj MP3 + LYRICS

Nicki Minaj was busy handing out the justice of the Queen to anyone who had the nerve to wrong her. That’s not to say she’s incapable of forgiveness, but if you like it or not, she’ll be saying her piece. Coming off an incendiary sound-off directed squarely at the “ass” of Rick Ross, Minaj fell off another remix following her latest contribution to DaBaby’s “Suge.” Today marks the arrival of her official “Welcome To The Party” remix, which finds her back on her lyrical BS, demonstrating that the bars stay sharp as ever.

Hearing Nicki sounding hungry again is refreshing, particularly given the freedoms her haters took. Taking on the ominous instrumental, Minaj spits a quick-fire flow with plenty of aggression simmering in her tone; she keeps it fairly straightforward lyrically, but her presence is formidable enough to leave us wanting more. “It’s a MAC, I’m in the black’ Bach, we’re never missing, we’re never missing with that strap,” she spits, her threats amplified by the intrinsic aggression of the beat. “I’m driving through, if you’re back, it’s going to clap and that’s it.”

Now listen to Nicki’s “Welcome To The Party” remix, accessible on selected global markets.

Quotable Lyrics

It’s a MAC, fact, I’m in the black ‘Bach
We never lack, lack with that strap
I drive through, if you back back
It’s gon’ clap clap and that’s that
I never tap tap if I don’t like a ho
You act act like you like her though


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