AUDIO: One Blood, One Cuzz Snoop Dogg Feat. DJ Battle Cat MP3 + LYRICS

Snoop Dogg is bringing his West Coast atmosphere to his single “One Blood, One Cuzz.” This Friday, the veteran rapper is preparing to release his 17th studio album I Wanna Thank Me, and Long Beach’s Finest is preaching unity on this recent single. Snoop is wearing his heart on his sleeve as he opens his song by raping over Nipsey Hussle’s loss, a tragedy that shook the core of hip hop back in March.

The introduction to “One Blood, One Cuzz” starts with a recorded phone clip from a locked-up friend of Snoop’s. The individual shared that while there were some individuals at the Unity Walk who turned their noses up after Nipsey’s death, the lines of color are blurred on the inside. He also said he understood because he didn’t want peace when he was free; he was just about gang life — a lifestyle he now calls “worthless.” Meanwhile, the forthcoming 22-track project of Snoop will feature an eclectic combination of performers including Chris Brown, YG, Nate Dogg, Russ, Slick Rick, Jermaine Dupri, Trey Songz, and many more.

Quotable Lyrics

All it takes is one brave Blood and one brave Crip
Standing up together like we did back on them slave ships


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