AUDIO: Kevin Gates Double Dutch [In Amsterdam Witt It] MP3 + LYRICS

Kevin Gates is back and gives him all he has. He continued to flood us with fresh music in anticipation of his upcoming album, I’m Him, after just a few weeks ago releasing Only The Generals Understand. As his first official studio album since his Islah project in 2016, the fresh album will come. Gates seemed to have struck a point of excellent inspiration as he supplied fresh music back and forth to fans, having released the singles “Push It” and “Neva Land” lately. He even blessed fans with fresh music while behind bars, and most lately produced the “Facts” fire track.

The track is going tough (as f**k), with Gates ‘ aggressive beat and fast-fire flow. The menacing bass adds to the fierce lyrics the much-needed component of intensity. However, as Kevin raps about being a straight thug, he weaves subtle elements of humor within his lyrics, like phrases like “like a sandwich / I hope you know I aint just (w)rapping witchu.” His voice inflection also contributes an interesting tone to the song as he sometimes switches between his standard pitch and a slightly greater one, accompanied by the pleasantly unusual back ##beat. See below the banger.


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