AUDIO: Jeezy MLK BLVD Feat. Meek Mill MP3 + LYRICS

Jeezy is preparing his final album, TM 104, to be released. It’s sad to think that one of the most beloved figures of the trap will retire the microphone to concentrate on other efforts. But fortunately, on his final album, he’s planning to go out with a bang. Now he’s coming back with a brand new single titled “MLK BLVD” by Meek Mill. Lex Luger is holding back the severe manufacturing of traps while Jeezy is leading the way. Jeezy touches on a plethora of topics from the continuing “Fuck Trump” motion in the first verse to name-dropping Rick Ross, 50 Cent, and Boyz N The Hood. He even utilizes the connection between Kanye and Trump to leeway his emotions about the present president.

Quotable Lyrics
You get that dirty money, best to wash it
Just keep your eyes out for them false prophets
This n***a talkin’ like he Ye or somethin’
That n***a must be off that yay or somethin’
Heard what I said, n***a, fuck Trump
Say it again, n***a, fuck Trump


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