AUDIO: Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Stepped In Feat. Guap Tarantino LYRICS

With a brand new banger, Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Guap Tarantino are back. The two rappers fell off their new album and video for “Stepped In.” Due to the warmth of the synths, the development of the song feels nostalgic, while the drums offer it a gritty, dark, trap feeling. Before Guap swings in, Hoodrich maintains it at the top. The song’s interesting aspect is the contrast.

The two artists from Atlanta have recently worked together on countless occasions. They teamed up on “Top Floor” at the end of December. They also both appeared side-by-side with Cassius Jay’s “Everyday.”

Quotable Lyrics

None of you bitches look better than money
Jump on the dick like a crash dummy
Jumped out the foreign, I left it runnin’
Quit all that cappin’, y’ain’t talk ’bout nothing


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