AUDIO: Don Toliver – Back Up Feat Wiz Khalifa MP3 LYRICS

don tolliver, also known as cactus jack’s secret weapon, has been biding his time. given that handing over a standout switch on travis scott’s astroworld, many had been attuned to tolliver’s sound, coming to count on huge things from the rapper. the day gone by, the don came via to drop off some new vibes, teaming up with the person who would possibly just do mma at the plug, wiz khalifa. honestly, the marijuana gourmand has been choosing his buddies wisely, and wastes little time in organising chemistry together with his newfound collaborator on the tough-hitting “back up.”

as for the track itself, “returned up” establishes itself off the bat with an severe, war-ready riff; nevertheless, it manages to float without feeling specifically invasive, that is well perfect to tolliver’s emblem of melodic bar spitting. picking up wherein “can not say” left off, tolliver rides the beat earlier than passing the mic to wiz, who opts to skate at the strength of his presence. every now and then this is all you want.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m moving too fast, I can’t stop
Wiping it down when the paint hot
Left hand on the wheel
I’m closing the top when the rain drop


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