AUDIO: DJ Shadow – Rocket Fuel Feat. De La Soul MP3 LYRICS

Dj shadow hasn’t budged the meter in two year’s time. he’s nonetheless pitching turntablism in 2019, and even though on the floor it truly is now not absolutely a crude test, his modern single, “rocket fuel” suffers from inertia.

of interest here, dj shadow insistence on bringing a few antique buddies to the characteristic, the mythical de l. a. soul. however within the interest of hobbyism or continuity, shadow have to although be seemed as a straight-up man or woman across the stability of time.

"it’s been awhile when you consider that my last album the mountain will fall, and the corresponding excursion…and because the tour ended, i’ve been basically silent.  that is because i’ve been targeted and working on a ton of song," dj shadow wrote of the mission in a press release.  "i usually try and keep away from hyperbole, and that i’m now not high-quality-secure hyping up my personal stuff, however matters are approximately to get pretty exciting."

in a while within the presser, dj shadow credits de l. a. soul as his youth heroes, and a dream to work with. “rocket gas” has been earmarked for his upcoming challenge, his first on account that 2017’s the mountain has fallen. hit us along with your mind down under.

Quotable Lyrics:

Are you ready, set
Jump to the rhythm as hard as you can go
Keep it steady, just let it rock
Turn it up, we rocking the show
But can you rock it like rocket fuel?


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