AUDIO: Casanova Feat. Fabolous So Brooklyn MP3 + LYRICS

BK, get up! Brooklyn rappers Casanova and Fabolous went together to demonstrate love to the streets that raised them on “So Brooklyn.” Recently Casanova performed the song on social media, including the proud caption that read, “I’m just representing the city though!” The production pervades a New York atmosphere, particularly with the word “Brooklyn” chanting in the background.

As far as delivery is concerned, Casanova and Fabolous are vastly distinct as the aggressive and often gritty performance of Casanova can feel confrontational. In his opening remarks, the Roc Nation artist also gave his label head Jay Z a shout, somewhat rapping a thank you to Hov for entering into an agreement with him.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m so Brooklyn
I should get paid for the work I put in
I’m so Brooklyn
I liked that n*gga chain, so you know I took it
I’m so Brooklyn
I did the same thing walking out of bookings
I’m so Brooklyn
I had to sign with Jay
Yo, Hov, good looking


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