AUDIO: Alan Walker & A$AP Rocky – Live Fast MP3 LYRICS

norwegian dj alan walker has labored with pubg cell in the past and now, he is returned with the subject matter track for them. kicking off the first day of pubg cellular membership open 2019 spring splits worldwide finals, walker got here via with a brand new single proposing a$ap rocky. the tune changed into to be had for the sport’s players who completed the alan walker challenges and unlocked the track. walker drops off a clean, digital-infused beat even as rocky swings in with two new verses.

“live rapid” arrives shortly after government in sweden charged a$ap rocky with assault. he turned into arrested earlier this month and remained in prison when you consider that after he became arrested on suspicion of assault. on the grounds that then, fanatics, peers, pals, family, or even the president of the usa have tried to ensure rocky receives treated pretty. considering his latest price, the efforts have not been powerful.

Quotable Lyrics

My patnas steady movin’ like the feds on us (uh)
Probably ’cause you assuming that its meds on us (uh uh)
Kick big, I need leg warmers, chug water
All love, blood is thicker than the dreads on us


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